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Research Fellow(S) - ANU

The John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University is seeking to appoint three (3) highly motivated Research Fellows specialising in computational biology. The positions will be for a period of three (3) years to drive ambitious transcriptomics/epigenomics research.

The positions will be located within the Department of Genome Biology. Successful candidates will undertake research aimed at exploring epigenetic, transcriptomic and other global data as generated in the laboratories of Professors David Tremethick and Thomas Preiss (e.g. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2012 19:1076; Cell. 2012 149:1393; Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 40:5023).

The positions offer the opportunity to participate in research involving great resources from both, 'wet and dry' life sciences. Applicants can expect excellent mentoring by leading academics and the opportunity to build their academic career.If you have strong skills in the computational analysis of global data sets, particularly next-generation sequencing derived transcriptomics and epigenomics data, we would welcome an application from you.

Update: Deadline extended to 15 June

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Postdoctoral Fellow - ANU

The Research School of Biology at The Australian National University (ANU) seeks to appoint one or two highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellows. The positions will be for a period of two (2) years with the possibility of an extension, subject to funding availability.

The appointee(s) will be expected to lead research in two areas of plant science: 1) regulation of secondary metabolism (e.g. carotenoids), plastid communications and identification of novel signalling molecules, or 2) RNA structural biology, RNA modelling and epigenetic regulation. State-of-the-art equipment for phenomics, genomics, epigenomics, proteomics and metabolomics as well as bioinformatics facilities are available at the ANU.

The successful applicants should have extensive experience in molecular, genetic and epigenetic biology as well as metabolism. The appointee should demonstrate a willingness to lead research towards discovering new signalling pathways that control secondary metabolism (e.g. carotenoids). Experience in plant biology is essential.

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Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Fellow, Canberra 

The Sea-quence project is an undertaking of the Reef Future Genomics Consortium (ReFuGe), a Great Barrier Reef Foundation Initiative. This project is aimed at generating reference genomic and transcriptomic sequences for ten coral species, their associated microbial communities, and three strains of endosymbiotic algae (dinoflagellates).

Three “Great Barrier Reef Foundation Fellowships”, including this position, are being created at the Australian National University and the University of Queensland, to collaborate in the analysis and interpretation of these data. This position will take the lead role with respect to genome-scale analysis of the ten coral genomes and is expected to collaborate closely with the two other groups working on the microbial and dinoglagellate sequences.

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Bioinformatics Project Officer - Data Management, Canberra  

The Position: The Bioinformatics Project Officer will be part of the CSIRO Plant Industry Bioinformatics Team and contribute to the development and deployment of a robust and integrated data management platform for wheat genomics research.

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