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Bioinformatician - Plant & Food Research - New Zealand

Plant & Food Research is internationally renowned for innovation in plant breeding, with traditional breeding approaches being combined with modern genomics techniques to develop better cultivars, faster. Our researchers target new markers, genomics and breeding tools to deliver new cultivars with resistance to pests and diseases, human health attributes and novel fruits, vegetables and grains. With genomic approaches now a key element in plant research and the investigation of bacterial, fungal and insect pathogens, our need for bioinformatics has increased markedly.

In this role you'll combine applied research with bioinformatics support and consultancy services to Plant & Food Research scientists and collaborators. This will include the analysis of entire genomes, contributions to scientific programmes and publications, and the development of bioinformatics tools and applications. Current priorities include the analysis of large data sets from Next Generation Sequencing and software development. The role also presents a great opportunity to work in the area of genotyping by sequencing and with polyploidy organisms.

The Bioinformatics team offers a stimulating and rewarding environment and the opportunity to work with people with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We are committed to professional development in this fast moving field and will actively seek to support you in developing new skills. Team members at the Lincoln campus maintain close relationships with collaborators in universities and other research institutes.

In addition, the Canterbury region offers an outstanding lifestyle with a superb natural environment, great people, good schools and a multitude of outdoor recreational and sporting opportunities.

It's likely that you will hold a postgraduate degree in bioinformatics, biological or computer science or have extensive experience working in biological science, with a proven record in bioinformatics or computational biology.

Although the preferred location for the position is at Lincoln Research Centre in Canterbury, we will consider proposals to be located at another of our sites

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