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CSIRO Computational Informatics - Graduate Fellow Program 2014 - Melbourne & Canberra

The 2014 Graduate Fellow Program is an initiative by CSIRO Computational Informatics which aims to support the computational informatics pipeline in Australia and encourage talented students to try out a career in research.

The program will offer a handful of talented post-honours students the chance to solve real-world problems and experience a research career with CSIRO. Taking an “apprentice approach”, Fellows will be mentored by leading research scientists and work on a range of exciting projects with the potential for travel to a conference at the end of the second year.

This year there are 5 fellowship projects on offer, two in Clayton and three in Acton. These are available to graduates who have completed an undergraduate degree (preferably with honours) in the areas of mathematics, statistics, computer science and engineering. The program runs for 2 years during which time fellows are paid a salary as a CSIRO employee.

About CSIRO Computational Informatics:  (CCI) At CSIRO Computational Informatics (CCI), we apply information intensive sciences to answer important questions from medical research to environmental monitoring and industrial processing.CCI provides expertise in systems requiring innovation that integrates digital technologies, mathematical and computational science. Our research-based solutions and services benefit the economic, social and environmental health of organizations and nations.  For further information go to our website:

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