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Bioinformatics/Data Analyst - Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics - Melbourne

Looking for an exciting position in a dynamic research environment where you are integral to the daily activities of all researchers? 

The Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics is seeking an experienced bioinformatician to perform data analysis at the cutting edge of high throughput, high content RNA interference screening.  You will integrate with the researchers using the facility in long term projects to identify novel gene targets regulating a diverse array of biological questions. You will be involved in co-ordinating large data sets from high content microscopy and/or plate-reader based readouts, statistically interpreting the outcomes and overlaying any other genetic material that may be available and related. 

The person should have a relevant Bioinformatics degree experience working with large datasets and pathway analysis.  A background in statistics and computer science would be advantageous, with programming in R, Python and JAVA essential.  You will also be embedded within the Peter Mac Bioinformatics core facility and engage with that group on all aspects of the activities you perform in the VCFG.

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Please contact Dr Kaylene Simpson, Head of the Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics for further information, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, [email protected], 03 9656 1790.

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