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Bioinformatician - Department of Medical Genetics, Oslo University

There is a vacant position for a Bioinformatician in the Division of Research and Development, Department of Medical Genetics, Oslo University Hospital

The Department of Medical Genetics has a research focus on identifying the genetic causes of diseases, and the mechanisms by which certain genetic variations can lead to disease. The department is the largest Medical Genetics unit in Norway with approx. 180 employees. The Division of Research and Development (approximately 50 people) consists of eight scientists, 20 post-doctoral and doctoral fellows, and students and technical staff. We can offer work in a modern, well-equipped environment with engaged and enthusiastic researchers.

  • The position is for a bioinformatician at the Norwegian Sequencing Centre, Oslo University Hospital. The main tasks will be related to the operation of a core facility in high-throughput DNA sequencing. The work includes handling and analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. As a core facility, we offer a variety of tasks and projects in a new and advanced area of research.
  • The work will mainly consist of quality control and analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (Illumina HiSeq2000 and MiSeq)
  • Internal training and testing of bioinformatic tools for high-throughput seqencing
  • Good knowledge of English is required (written and oral)
  • The department has an excellent academic and social environment. You must be a team worker, work closely with other bioinformaticians in the department, but also have good abilities to independently acquire knowledge. We are looking for someone with a strong bioinformatics/IT background. Applicants should have considerable unix experience, and knowledge of scripting programming languages(Unix shell, perl, python, etc).

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