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Bioinformatics courses for bioscience staff and students from ANU CSIRO andUC

The GDU are running two bioinformatics courses for bioscience ANU staff, honours and postgraduates in the upcoming months. This training is also open to bioscience staff and students at CSIRO and UC.

These courses are:

  • Unix, Scripting and Python for Bioinformatics (Cameron Jack and Bob Buckley). 5x half-days, 9:30am - 12:30pm during the week of July 7th-11th
  • R, and statistics for R (John MainDonald and Terry Neeman). 5x full-days, 9:30am - 5:00pm during the week of July 14th-18th

Both course will take place in the Science Teaching and Learning Building room 3.02 (

Further information about the Unix, Scripting and Python for Bioinformatics course

Further information about the  R, and statistics for R course

A requirement for all courses will be to have a laptop either running Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows with PuTTY and PSCP pre-installed: (

This must also be able to wirelessly connect to ANU Secure or Eduroam. If you have questions about this, please contact Bob Buckley or Cameron Jack (details below) to discuss.

There are limited places available.  These placements will be operating on a first response first serve basis.  To attend, please contact both Stephanie Palmer and Cameron Jack ([email protected] and [email protected]) indicating which course(s) you wish to attend and whether you are an honours student, post-graduate student, academic or professional staff.

If you are in a category that requires payment (see attached in course information), your PI will need to send a confirmation e-mail with an appropriate budget code.

If you wish to further discuss the courses, please contact

Bob Buckley, [email protected], 6125 9289 or

Cameron Jack, [email protected] 6125 1128


Public Lecture: Hadley Wickham on Pipelines for Data Analysis

CSIRO and the Australian Bioinformatics Network are delighted to announce that, thanks to the efforts and coordination of Dr Alex Whan,  Dr Hadley Wickham will soon be in Canberra to present a public lecture of interest to R users of all persuasions

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Symposium: Understanding biodiversity dynamics using diverse data sources

From April 22–24 this year the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis and CSIRO (OCE Cutting Edge Science Symposia) will be hosting a symposium and series of workshops at CSIRO Discovery & ANU on Understanding biodiversity dynamics using diverse data sources.

In the face of rapid, global environmental change, it is essential that we understand how biodiversity is distributed and its response to environmental change, past and future. This challenge will be met by integrating conventional approaches to biodiversity analyses, spanning environmental, genomic, phylogenetic and trait data in space and time, with cutting-edge informatics, including visualisation, statistical modelling and simulation.

In addition to our invited speakers, we strongly encourage students and early career researchers to present lightning talks and posters on their research and we are offering financial support for ECRs to attend the meeting.

Registration closes 11 April

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Symposium: Ecogenomics: From Data to Knowledge

A symposium in conjunction with Professor Jim Tiedje’s McMaster Fellowship, with participation from the European Bioinformatics Institute and support from CSIRO and the Australian Bioinformatics Network.

(This meeting will be an excellent complement to the Bioplatforms Australia, CSIRO and EMBL joint Introduction to Metagenomics hands-on Bioinformatics Workshop 2014)

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Seminar: QFAB Bioinformatics: From data to translation: the catalyst for tomorrow's science today - Canberra

Presented by Jeremy Barker, CEO - QFAB Bioinformatics


Time:  12:00pm to 1:00pm

Venue:  Finkel Theatre, Australian National University, Canberra

QFAB provides bioinformatics and biostatistics services for life science researchers to analyse and manage large-scale in-field, geonomics, proteomics and clinical datasets.

Located at the University of Queensland and engaged with medical and translational research institutes, QFAB supports the production of high quality bioinformatics and biostatistics outcomes which deliver those high impact publications and patents faster.

We will highlight recent case studies around data exploration, management and integration in a translational research and medicine context.


For more details, please contact Mathilde Desselle on:

Phone: 07 3346 2635

Email:  [email protected]