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Big Data 2014 - Melbourne

Big Data 2014 is following on from the success of the inaugral Big Data Conference held in 2013. The conference explores big data in and healthcare analytics.

With the primary theme of "Big insights: Harnessing the power of health data", presentations will take the delegates on a journey from insights into the opportunities, the impact and finishing with insights into implementation and a call to action. The conference will focus on the big questions: big insights, health outcomes, data visualisation, workforce, data linkage and analytics, genomics and privacy.

The HISA Big Data 2013 conference brought together clinicians, policy makers, industry executives, and scientists to explore technological innovations in creating, managing, and analysing complex, distributed, dynamic biomedical and healthcare data. In this follow-on event, we hope to demonstrate continuing progress in this area, and to explore technologies and applications that enable data interpretation and promote deeper understanding of these complex data sets. Applications and methods that improve the efficiency and performance of health organisations, lead to new treatments or better patient outcomes, or support translation from bench to bedside as well as case studies of the impact of such technologies are encouraged.

Big data is currently a hot topic in healthcare and biomedical research. We recognise that it is an evolving area and that the name, definition and contents could represent different things for different groups of people. The vast array of systems collecting data across the healthcare industry, and the increasing number of monitors and sensors of different kinds, mean that the industry will be increasingly awash with huge volumes of data. How will you, your peers and your organisations take advantage of the many present and coming opportunities afforded by these large volumes of data?

Big Data 2014 is the place to come and hear about how to ride the data wave and not get wiped-out!!!

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