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Seminar: Towards Cell‐to‐Organisms‐level Systems Biology - Melbourne

Monash Systems Biology Seminar

Towards Cell‐to‐Organisms‐level Systems Biology

Professor Hiroki Ueda

VENUE: Seminar room, Level 3 Building 75 Monash University, Clayton Campus

Systems Biology is a natural extension of molecular biology, and can be defined as "biology after the identification of key genes". We envision systems-biological research as a multistage process, beginning with the comprehensive identification and quantitative measurement of individual system components and their networked interactions, leading to the ability to control existing systems toward a desired state and to design new systems based on an understanding of structure and underlying principles. When the term Systems Biology was coined and this type of integrative research was advocated beginning around the year 2000, a number of interesting concepts had already been introduced. At that time, few systems-biological approaches were well-developed and their application to fundamental biological questions was limited.

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