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AMATA Conference Early Career Researcher Workshop

The AMATA early career researcher workshop will offer seminars and hands on training in genomics, bioinformatics and career development skills, delivered by ten national and international genomics and bioinformatics experts.

Day one opens with sessions covering best-practice in designing, carrying out, and analysing genomics experiments. Participants will then spend the rest of the day in hands-on bioinformatics analysis practical sessions using the user-friendly Galaxy bioinformatics workflow platform. These will introduce techniques for RNA-Seq analysis, followed by options of either an introduction to bacterial genome assembly or more advanced RNA-Seq work.

The second (half) day will be devoted to career development advice. It will start with an open discussion and networking session, at which participants will be encouraged to raise technical and professional issues for input from their peers. This will be followed by presentations and question and answer sessions on how to manage projects and collaborations, before the workshop concludes with a final session about ways to improve a CV and increase the success rate of applications for jobs, grants and fellowships.

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