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Bioinformatician (Cancer Genomics, Melbourne)


The University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research (UMCCR), led by Professor Sean Grimmond, has the mission to improve cancer patient outcome through genome discovery, translation and personalised medicine. It seeks to achieve this by advancing the molecular detection & diagnosis of cancer, prioritising therapeutic selection via Computational Oncology, and enabling programs in personalised cancer care.
Spanning more than 5000 square meters the UMCCR provides specialist laboratories for cancer cell biology, DNA biobanking, rapid large scale, HTS sequencing and organoid generation and testing. Once fully occupied, the Centre is expected to house more than 260 researchers. It is part of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre located in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, an environment for more than 25 health services, academic research institutes and startups. We are building up a Genomics Platform Team to develop, test and apply accredited bioinformatics workflows to patient data and large scale research projects, evaluating new technologies at a rapid pace.
As part of this team we are hiring an experienced and motivated computational biologist to develop, maintain and apply analytical workflows for whole genome sequencing data. The position is responsible for running genome sequencing data analysis pipelines, testing and maintaining existing workflows (written for bcbio and the Common Workflow Language), expanding quality control metrics in preparation for accreditation processes and evaluating new methods with a focus on cancer sequence analysis (DNA and RNA) in collaboration with local staff and international collaborators. You will apply the developed workflows to internal and public data, work with the UMCCR staff on data management issues, and engage with researchers and clinicians to establish and continuously improve genomic reports for cancer patients. The position will also be involved in the interpretation of results and where appropriate in the development of new methods, experimental study design and ongoing research projects.
* M.S. or Ph.D. in bioinformatics, genome sciences, computational biology, or related area, or equivalent experience
* In-depth knowledge of the principles and practice of bioinformatics as it relates to genome and transcriptome interrogation
* Proficiency in one or more scripting language (e.g., Perl, Python, etc.)
* Fluency in Unix/Linux
* Experience and effectiveness in running analysis in high performance computing environments
* Excellent project management and organization skills
Start date
As soon as possible
How to Apply
Please see for additional information regarding the Centre, the open positions and the work we do.
Oliver Hofmann, [email protected], @fiamh