Our Approach

In helping Australian bioinformatics deliver more benefit, our approach is

  • To foster Australian Bioinformatics Communities
    • We are strongly influenced by Stan Garfield’s “Communities Manifesto” and adopt his view that
      Communities are groups of people who, for a specific subject, share a specialty, role, passion, interest, concern, or a set of problems.  Community members deepen their understanding of the subject by interacting on an ongoing basis, asking and answering questions, sharing information, reusing good ideas, solving problems for one another, and developing new and better ways of doing things.
    • We recognise that there are many Australian Bioinformatics Communities organised around local, regional, national, international and special topics of interest. We want to support and encourage these communities, their leaders and their members. (We do not want to take them over!)
  • To work in ways that complement and enhance what can be achieved by existing institutions, initiatives and individuals
    • As a network, we offer a means to facilitate communication and interaction
    • Also, we are in a position to broker consensus and coordination
  • To work within our capacity and remit
    • Right now, the Australian Bioinformatics Network funds two staff and is not incorporated
    • This places some limitations on what we can do but, as a network that can connect people, resources and opportunities, there are many ways for us to help Australian bioinformatics deliver more benefit
    • We are interested in activities that can be readily scaled-up for broader impact