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ABACBS (pron.ˈabəkəs) runs the Australian Bioinformatics Network

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Join us on Yammer

Yammer is an enterprise social network that enables private communication within organizations or between organizational members and pre-designated groups.

Through CSIRO’s subscription to Yammer, the ABN has created a Yammer Network for ABN members.

Once connected to the Australian Bioinformatics Network on Yammer, you are free to

  • post messages, ask questions, share stuff
  • create groups
  • edit your account and profile
  • access Yammer via the web, your desktop or mobile device
  • invite others to join this network
  • see who else is online at any given time.

How will this work? I’m not exactly sure… let’s find out!

Why Yammer?

If, like me, you are starting to greet new online communication channels with a groan rather than a grin, here’s why I think it’s worth exploring Yammer.

I have been using Yammer in CSIRO for a few years now and it is one of a very few “collaboration tools” that has actually increased my productivity. I think this is because

  • Yammer is work-focused. It is a “place” for sharing useful information and asking questions about work, and I find that helps me get my work done and stay in touch with things that others are working on.
  • I find the presentation format (threaded discussions) easier to scan, navigate and search than email
  • You control how you subscribe. I have things set up so that any messages  from people I’m following are emailed to me; then I set my email client (Outlook) to flash up a “new message alert” when one comes in and then delete it. If I’m interested and in the right frame of mind, I might visit Yammer to see what’s going on. Otherwise, I know it’ll be there for me to read later.
  • You control who you follow. This helps you concentrate information of interest.
  • You can indicate that you like what’s being said. The now ubiquitous “like” mechanism provides a succinct way to indicate appreciation and approval
  • You can start your own subgroups. This is a great way to share information with others who are interested in similar topics
  • You can upload and link through to useful information. Again, not a unique feature in these days of social media, but one that is an essential part of sharing information rapidly

I encourage you to give it a try

The Australian Bioinformatics Network seeks to connect people, opportunities and resources so that Australian Bioinformatics can deliver more benefit. Yammer has the potential to foster discussions, interactions, ideas and insights among ABN members and I encourage you to explore how it can help you and others work in bioinformatics even more effectively.