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R, the getting of wisdom*

Wisdom—the knowledge of how to use knowledge—is often hard won.

That made 12 hours in the presence of  Dr Hadley Wickham, RStudio Chief Scientist and author of many extremely useful R packages, doubly good: not only did a little of Hadley’s wisdom rub off on me, I did not have to go through years of hard work, experimentation, implementation, revision and so on, to get it.

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Winter is coming! ...erm, actually Winter is here

I kneel humbly before the noble and creative efforts of Ser Ken McGrath from the Australian Genome Research Facility, who made lords and ladies swoon with his inspired appropriation of a popular cultural meme

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Australian Bioinformatics: The leader of the pack?

Australia—like most countries—loves the warm inner glow that comes from “leading the pack”

But off the sports field (or away from 1960s motorbike gangs) in more complex arenas like science (or even bioinformatics), it’s less clear how to measure who is “leading the pack”.

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Big data: bringing you the wrong answer more precisely since 2011

OK, so it's a provocative title, but I'm trying to draw people in who have a warm, fuzzy and positive feeling about the term "big data", and point out some cautions using language that is, I hope, broadly accessible.

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Top content on 20140609

Within the past month, received a total of 4,724 page views to the top 100 content pages

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