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Questions that get to the heart of what the ABN is about

Perhaps there is a word in German for "questions that allow you to articulate important points", if so, let us know because this applies to an email we received from Lavinia Gordon, Bioinformatics Manager at the Australian Genome Research Facility (Australia's largest (and not for profit) provider of genomics services and solutions).

Here's the whole email, and here's a précis of the points that we want you to understand:

  • Would the ABN be interested in having another section (or using a current section) where people could write a short piece on anything bioinformatically related?
    • Yes! Very much so. This was actually our vision for “The Pipeline” and if you log in to and go to this page, you should see that you can post an article there… if not, please let us know.
    • At the moment, we are keen to put bioinformatics-related articles in The Pipeline so that we can focus people’s attention on that channel and maximise the chance of readers coming across other useful information
    • Benita and I would be delighted to help you with drafting or wrangling the interface to the content management system that runs the site—that includes talking you through how to do stuff over the phone
    • Once published, we can raise awareness of your articles via Twitter and Yammer

  • “Also I noticed that under the Community section, there is nothing for Brisbane!”
    • Us too!!!
    • We would love to change that, but the enthusiasm needs to come from Brisbanites first
    • The whole idea of the ABN site is to support Australian Bioinformatics Communities (note the “s”) and we would love to support communities in all cities
    • The Content Management System behind means that once a page is created, you  or anyone else can have edit rights, making it a cheap and cheerful way for Australian Bioinformatics Communities to share useful information
    • Also, anyone is free to set up a group on the ABN Yammer for discussions and chat of a more ephemeral nature.

Thanks Lavinia for prompting these responses. We hope everyone feels encouraged and inspired to make more use of as a result.

David and Benita