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Forensics, bioinformatics, and the back-of-the-briefcase effect

Professor James Curran gave a cracking seminar at the ANU Department of Statistics last week on his Adventures in Forensic Statistics.

James' talk reminded me of many things including

...that last point can be described as the "back-of-the-briefcase effect", a term coined by Mike Brown at CVAB 2013 as he recounted dialogue from some spy movie along the lines of "OK, zoom in on that briefcase... increase image resolution... close in on that some more... right, now show me the back of the briefcase."

...which makes me think of the dual-edged sword of biomolecular visualisation (though "back-of-the-nucleosome" is a little less catchy).

And as this train of thought pulls into the station for lunch, I return to the beginning by commending another of James Curran's presentations to you: Is Forensic Science the last bastion of resistance against Statistics?