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ABiC 2014: We Salute You!

Q: What are all these people looking at?
A: Australian bioinformatics (quite possibly as presented by a bearded man in shorts)
This is to give a huge thank you to everyone who made the 2014 Australian Bioinformatics Conference an outstanding event on the Australian bioinformatics calendar, including

ABiC 2014 received support from The Australian Bioinformatics Network via one of this year's Connection Grants and I would like to thank Dr. Jovana Maksimovic, Dr. Katrina Bell, Dr. Dieter Bulach, Dr. David Goode, Dr. Alicia Oshlack and Dr. Torsten Seemann for making that pitch to the reviewers.

Just some of the words that survey respondents have already used to describe ABiC 2014Encouraging leaders and members of Australian Bioinformatics Communities

The ABN is about supporting and encouraging the kind of leadership shown by the ABiC 2014 Organisers. The ABN is also keen to help build on what has been started through ABiC and through The Australian Bioinformatics And Computational Biology Society (ABACBS, pron.ˈabəkəs) which is focused on the science and profession of bioinformatics and computational biology in Australia.

With that in mind, we are running a survey that is open not just to those who attended ABiC 2014, but also those who have an interest in an ABiC-style event next year. Already we have had a great response, and this post is to try increase the breadth of input from the community.

How can you shape the future of Australian bioinformatics?

Good question! Keep working hard for science. Be kind to each other. Maintain a healthy lifestyle... that sort of thing, I guess.

As for shaping the future of Australian bioinformatics conferences, you can do that by sharing your thoughts via this link.

The survey asks questions about ABiC 2014 (in a way we hope will capture views of participants and non-participants) and also solicits your ideas and preferences for an ABiC-style event next year.

Please help build and strengthen Australian bioinformatics by sharing your thoughts!