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Changes to

This is to let you know about some recent changes to the site.

A training calendar for Australian bioinformatics

Due to popular request, now has a new menu bar heading: Training.

Previously, we have lumped training in with all the other events that we publicise, but given the level of demand and the critical role that training plays in modern bioscience, we're going to have separate listings for training events from now on.

Summaries of all upcoming events, jobs and training

We've had indexes of all Events and Jobs under the "At a glance" menu bar heading for a long time, but feedback suggests this information needs to be more prominent.

So, at the top of the Events, Jobs and Training pages, we've put links like this:

Click here for all training...

to remind everyone that summaries are available.

You too can advertise events, jobs and training!

We've also added links in Events, Jobs and Training pages to remind people how to advertise.

We've also changes the How to Advertise a Job, Advertise an Event, and Advertise some Training to remind members of that you can post jobs, events, training (and blog posts to The Pipeline) directly! Just log in and post from the Events, Jobs or Training pages!

Alas, no pretty calendars...

We've been asked if we could present event information in a calendar format and have investigate a number of solutions, including embedding Google Calendars, and upgrading to SquareSpace 6 (SquareSpace 5 is the content management system behind

Alas, neither solution is entirely appealing

  • While Google Calendars can be embedded into this site, they would needed to be manually maintained to reflect new posts to Events, Jobs and Training. What's more, the calendar entries can't hold clickable hyperlinks to the event, job or training of interest.
  • SquareSpace 6 advertises event calendars as one of its new features. Unfortunately, reviews suggest that SquareSpace 6 actually loses some of the excellent features that make relatively easy to use and maintain.

In closing

We're keen to make as useful and usable as we can. Many thanks to those who've provided us with constructive feedback towards this: we've implemented what we can within the constraints of SquareSpace 5 platform.

We're always keen to hear ideas for improvements: just and we'll do what we can.


David, Benita and Candace