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Going paperless Electronic Notebooks

I should have served in the military because I hear they train you to not volunteer.

Yes, the computer dude gets asked about electronic lab books. And perhaps I should know because it involves computers and data and stuff like that so of course it's time to do what anyone would do, google&wiki. 

But it would be much better to get some real hands-on review, the good the bad and the ugly.  Anybody want to share?

Reader Comments (2)

I can tell you that CSIRO had a look at eLabNotebooks but then backed slowly and quietly away. Will try to gather more insights on why. My suspicion is that proprietary solutions had a limited fit across the breadth of science.

My suspicions were confirmed with comments like "One ELN for everything is absolutely too hard - we can't even do it within one discipline." and "it makes more sense to create back-end services & infrastructure that more easily enables disciplines/research groups to integrate more light-weight, domain-specific solutions".

Carl Boettiger's blog-style ELN got a mention. Also mentioned was the whole cultural issue of sharing one's research... not a trait that comes naturally to everyone (especially after a solid academic training in competing with classmates and making sure no one sneaks a peek at your exam papers).

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