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I know what you did last (BioInfo)Summer

With 18 minutes before my flight is called I have just enough time to relay what a fantastic AMSI BioInfoSummer has been hosted this week at the University of Adelaide.

Like its sister event, the Bioinformatics Winter School, BioInfoSummer is one of the stars in the firmament of Australian Bioinformatics and, on behalf of all who participated, I would like to thank convenors Dave Adelson and Gary Glonek, the organising committee (especially Imelda Leavy), the speakers and workshop leaders for a meeting that was engaging, enjoyable and mind-expanding.

On that last point, I had my mind expanded today by Dr Dan Kortschak who shared with us the amazing resource of The Rosalind Project.

Inspired by Project Euler, Google Code Jam, and the ever growing movement of free online courses. The project's name commemorates Rosalind Franklin, whose X-ray crystallography with Raymond Gosling facilitated the discovery of the DNA double helix by Watson and Crick.

If you are keen to get a taste of bioinformatics, The Rosalind Project offers a degustation menu of bioinformatics epicureanism. What's more, it is a fantastic way to get an understanding of the various culinary stylings of chefs from around the globe. Yum! Plus, you get the chance to cook!

(This metaphor is making me hungry. I hope the in-flight meal is up to scratch.)

Reader Comments (2)

Your hopes for the in-flight meal were, of course, doomed to be crushed.

December 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterVirginia Tressider

And they were!
On a more positive note, AMSI are capturing the BioInfoSummer 2012 vibe with a great photo gallery.

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