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Senate Submission on Australian Bioinformatics

The Australian Senate is holding an inquiry into the challenges to Australian industries and jobs posed by increasing global competition in innovation, science, engineering, research and education.

Submission signed, sealed and delivered on 31 July 2014...

...with support from 112 people keen to let the Senate know why bioinformatics is vital to Australia and Australian innovation.

Thank you to everyone who provided constructive input and encouragement in pulling this final submission together.

I think it provides a meaningful and representative view of Australian bioinformatics and commend it to you to use in discussions with colleagues and decision makers.

As I write this, over 65 submissions have been made to this Inquiry and I am delighted that we have been able to develop and send a strong message from a broad cross-section of Australian bioinformatics.

Thank you again.

David Lovell 


An open invitation

I believe bioinformatics is important to Australia’s economy and wellbeing through its fundamental role in the life sciences. I would like to ensure it is factored into the Australian Government’s approach to innovation, especially with respect to the funding of education and research.

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone with genuine interests in Australian bioinformatics and the benefits it delivers to join me in drafting a submission to the Senate with that aim in mind. 

How can you contribute your ideas, views and support?

All genuine contributions are welcome. However, to avoid spam and malicious editing

I encourage you to participate!

It's not often we get a chance to communicate to the Australian Government why bioinformatics is important and how it could deliver even more benefit to Australia and the world.

As with all submissions, there are no guarantees that the thoughts and ideas we put forward will affect decisions, but it is certain that we will have no influence if these thoughts and ideas are not heard.

Please join me in making the most of this opportunity.

David Lovell