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Connecting bioinformaticians in SydneySydney Bioinformatics Research Symposium 2014

We're gearing up for SBRS 2014, the 4th exciting Bioinformatics Research Symposium for bioinformaticians and bioscientists in the Sydney region which will be held on Friday 7 November at the Charles Perkins Centre, The University of Sydney.

  • We are thrilled that we will be hearing from systems biologist and freshly minted EMBL Australia Group Leader, Dr Ville-Petteri Makinen from SAHMRI (the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute)
  • Due to popular demand (which, in itself, is a reflection of the high standard of presentations in previous years), we will be running a 1 hour Fast Forward session prior to lunch. We suspect that we'll have more applications than we can run in an hour and will be accepting them on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone not making the cut will still be able to present their poster
  • We are keeping presentation slots for early career researchers (within 5 years of PhD) and welcome your abstract submissions by Friday October 17. We aim to have several ECR talks, of at least 7 mins, the exact number and length of talk to be decided based on demand. As for the review process: the Organisers will be making selecting the presentations based on what is likely to be most engaging, enlightening and enjoyable AND most complementary to the rest of the days’ presentations.

There are some more details below and these will be updated as speakers are confirmed.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you. Please register below so we can ensure there are enough cucumber sandwiches and cups of tea!

All the best from the Sydney Bioinformatics Symposium Organisers

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Program Outline 

Now with added COMBINE goodness!

Students and early career researchers (and anyone else keen to join in!) are invited to join COMBINE for a fun night of bioinformatics trivia following the Symposium. Test your knowledge of bioinformatics, science and much more!  Teams will be formed on the night, so your team will have a diverse range of backgrounds, just like working in real life. Points are on offer for both correct and hilariously incorrect answers with prizes at the end.

The event will run from 6pm at The Hampshire Hotel, 91 Paramatta Road, Camperdown. Please RSVP via this link by November 5 if you plan to attend.

What is a "Fast-forward" Poster Session?

Immediately before the poster session proper, "Fast-forward" is a way for the audience to find out more about the posters on show, and for the presenters to hone their skills in putting their points across in an interesting and engaging (and speedy!) way.

Based on previous years feedback, we provide the following detail

  • Presenters have exactly 120 seconds to pitch their work to the audience
    • Presenters can use any kind of presentation to do that
  • In previous years, we had limited folks to one slide but, based on feedback, we’re going to see how it works if we give folks more freedom
    • If folks want to project PowerPoints or PDFs they can either provide them in advance (via DropBox) to be run on a Windows 7 machine, or spend some of their 120 seconds plugging in their own computer
    • Presentations must be under 15Mb
    • More than one presenter can speak, but the time limit remains the same
  • As with last year, we will ask our three guest speakers to judge the best content, and best delivery

The prizes will again be truly awesome (quite possibly T-shirts) but honestly, the thrill is in participating and getting your work “out there”.

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