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Gorse, Dominique

I am General Manager of the QFAB bioinformatics facility. My research interests include the development and application of data mining and data modelling techniques to materials discovery, drug design and life science research. My role within QFAB is of leadership nature with special focus on growing the QFAB's team to deliver services that increase partners' research outcomes and leading the development of QFAB's platform for integrated and accessible bioinformatics which is designed to support large multi-institution research projects. I am currently designing and deploying a chemi-biology computational platform for lead discovery in infectious disease.

QFAB Bioinformatics


Watson-Haigh, Nathan - Bioinformatician/BIG SA


Hines, Wade Bioinformatician AWRI

Howdy all, I'm a bioinformatician working at the Australian Wine Research Institute working on various systems biology, proteomics and metabolomics projects. In the spare time I don't have, I try to work with BIG SA to build up a local bioinformatics group in South Australia.


Arthur, Jonathan

Associate Professor Jonathan Arthur is the Head of Bioinformatics at Children's Medical Research Institute.


Seemann, Torsten (Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium)

I'm the Scientific Director of the Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium (VBC) at Monash University. That sounds fancy, but it just means I spend more time in meetings and admin than I used to, but I still get to play. The VBC now has 5 staff, and we all work half for Monash, and half for the Life Sciences Computation Centre in Parkville. Our speciality is NGS, genomics, transcriptomics, de novo assembly and annotation, and we tend to work on non model organisms, particularly bacteria and parasites. Our skills cover Perl, Python, Haskell, Ruby, R, C, JScript and we like to create tools that work reliably.