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Be quick! Travel to Europe or get a head start on your research at home – EMBL Australia’s student program

PhD students have limited opportunities to travel overseas for training and networking, but EMBL Australia is out to change that. They’re also giving first-year PhD students the skills to broaden their approach to research with the EMBL Australia PhD Course. Have a look for yourself, or tell your students.

With an EMBL Australia travel grant, PhD students studying life sciences at an Australian university or research institute can travel to Europe to attend training courses, conferences or symposia at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), or spend some time visiting or working in EMBL laboratories in Germany, France, Italy or the UK.

“I returned to Australia armed with new knowledge, ideas and a feeling of inspiration!” says Lorey Smith, a PhD student at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre who attended the EMBL PhD Symposium in 2012.

The following grants are available in 2014:

  • The EMBL Australia PhD Travel Grants provide up to $3,500 for short trips of less than six weeks, or up to $7,500 for a longer visit of up to 6 months. Applications for travel in the second half of 2014 will open early in 2014.
  • The EMBL PhD Symposium Grants offer travel to Europe to attend the annual EMBL PhD Symposium – a conference designed for PhD students, organised by PhD students. Applications will open in April/May 2014 for travel to the symposium in October 2014.
  • The EMBL Australia’s International PhD Program enables students to undertake their PhD at an EMBL facility in Europe. The PhD is jointly awarded and co-supervised by EMBL and the student’s Australian university, and students are provided with a stipend and travel support.

Find out more.

For students just starting their PhD in Australia, EMBL Australia is offering sixty students a unique introduction to research with the EMBL Australia PhD Course.

“It was great to meet so many other PhD students, and to be able to talk about our research and troubleshoot our problems together,” says Chloe Warren, a PhD student at the University of Newcastle who attended the first course in Melbourne earlier this year.

Modelled on EMBL’s compulsory pre-doctoral course for first year PhD students, this two-week program shows students how their research fits into the bigger picture of science, and introduces a range of fields including: bioinformatics; developmental biology; genomics; systems biology; and regenerative medicine. Read about the 2013 course.

Find out how EMBL Australia is helping to internationalise the life sciences at

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