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Bioinformatician - Gmdx Co. Pty Ltd

GMDx Co Pty Ltd (GMDx) is a Gene Mutation Diagnostic company. GMDx’s patent-pending proprietary Targeted Somatic Mutation (TSM) diagnostic test capabilities represent an advance in the area of cancer diagnostics. The TSM diagnostic test platform provides a powerful genetic profile tool to identify the source of somatic mutations before other symptoms of cancer or disease(s) become evident, as well as the ability to track individual differences in somatic hypermutation-like (SHM-like) changes over time, and importantly before, during and after therapy such as immunotherapy for cancers. GMDx has developed a platform technology that provides for a wide suite of applications in monitoring the immune-like response of individuals, and for the personalization of treatment plans.

A Bioinformatician is required to underpin the basic, preclinical and clinical research and development aims of GMDx. Expertise is required to support our cloud-based genomic test service platform, and to query and interpret large and complex datasets generated from a diverse range of sources, including in-house clinical trials as well as genomic data generated by external sources. In particular expertise is required to develop novel algorithms to mine, analyse and interpret mutation data for cancers and chronic viral infections. GMDx will provide the nucleus of facilities, collaborations, mentoring and strategic advice to help further develop this position.

* Support research staff providing data analysis and appropriate software tools.
* Provide statistical analysis for a wide variety of biological and bioinformatics protocols to determine analytical sensitivity and specificity of obtained results (preferably using ‘R’).
* Contribute to the writing of research publications, grants, and conferences.
* Independently work with a range of databases and data mining techniques.

Qualifications/Skills and Abilities:
* Successful completion of a higher level degree in Bioinformatics, Computer Science or Molecular Biology. A PhD in a relevant field would be a strong asset.
* Demonstrated understanding of molecular biology and cell biology with an understanding of the role of deaminase activity in oncogenesis.
* Experience working with microarrays and next generation sequencing data and tools.
* Ability to assess and use bioinformatics tools for determining the clinical significance of detected variants, expressions and correlations of data. * Demonstrate strong abilities in problem-solving and independent thinking. * The ability to work within a small team with minimal supervision. * Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.

* Experience working in a clinical cloud-based data environment, shell scripting and common command line tools with an expertise in one or more scripting languages (Python preferred).
* A history of publications in a relevant field would be a strong asset.
* A knowledge of immunocytochemistry techniques derived from various sources including banked primary tumours, clinical trials and a range of publicly available databases.

To apply for this position, a Letter of Application and Curriculum Vitae should be emailed to

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