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PhD and Postdocs in systems biology and genomics

Seeking founding members to join the genomics and systems biology group at the new Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research. This new group uses cutting-edge genomic techniques, in particular next generation DNA sequencing and computational approaches (bioinformatics) to understand how cells work at a system level.

Prof Forrest has extensive experience in next generation sequencing (NGS) and has published using a variety of platforms (Roche, SOLiD, Illumina and Helicos) and protocols (RNA-seq, CAGE, small RNA, soon ChIP-seq). The move to Perkins will allow him to move his basic research on mammalian systems towards clinically relevant questions such as identification of novel cancer biomarkers and drug targets.

Initial research projects

- Mammalian transcriptional networks defining cellular states

- Broken transcriptional regulatory networks in cancer

- Pan-cancer and mesothelioma biomarkers

- Non-coding RNA biology

- Tissue specificity of drug targets

- Genomic visualization

The research areas will develop over time and new projects will be designed around excellent candidates. Both biological/medical/veterinary sciences and computer sciences graduates will be considered. Candidates who would like to develop as multidisciplinary scientists with both wet bench (experimental) and dry (bioinformatics) skills are also welcome as the group will be multidisciplinary in nature.

In this first call postdocs and students are instructed to contact myself (Al Forrest), with a copy of their CV and a cover letter stating why they would like to join the group. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships and scholarships. Core funded positions will be advertised in a second call later this year.

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