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PhD Scholarship in systems biology approaches for integration of cancer genomics data - University of the Sunshine Coast

Development and application of systems biology approaches for multiple dimensional data integration on cancer genomics data

To achieve the overall goal, it is necessary to set the following project aims:

  1. development of computational strategies to construct a comprehensive gene regulatory network with enriched association signals in gene expression by integrating enhancer expression, DNA methylation, copy number variation, drug response data
  2. characterisation of master coding and non-coding regulators in gene regulatory network in key cellular processes of cancer development using integrated pan-cancer genomics data
  3. study the conservative genomics features and regulatory networks shared between human cancer and other metazoan species to explore the evolutionary history of cancer genes
  4. assembly and modeling of the integrating genomics data to identify druggable genetic mutations and design potential small molecular for treatment

For further information on the project, contact USC Research Fellow Min Zhao or click here for more details