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SIB PhD Fellowship programme – Call for applications 2014

Dear colleague,

It is our pleasure to announce the SIB Fellowship programme, which aims to train outstanding bioinformatics PhD students as well as promote bioinformatics research for the life sciences.

The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, thanks to the generous support and trust of its partners, is offering the opportunity to a selection of the best students worldwide to carry out their PhD research in one of its groups, all of which are located in Switzerland. The laureates will receive a financial grant for 3 years (extendible for 1 year) and:

- Become a member of SIB, the leading network of Swiss bioinformatics
- Have access to professional training courses
- Be part of the Swiss PhD Training Network in bioinformatics
- Be introduced to industrial partners during specific events
- Participate in SIB events
- Attend the Summer School and Students’ Retreat

SIB provides core databases, software and support for the worldwide life science research community. It leads and coordinates the field of bioinformatics in Switzerland by federating bioinformatics research groups from Swiss schools of higher education and research institutes. Currently, SIB consists in 52 research and service groups located in the country’s seven main cities. SIB creates, maintains and distributes world-renowned bioinformatics resources, mainly free of charge, to the national and international life science research community. A few examples include UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, STRING, SWISS-MODEL, SwissDock and neXtProt.

Key dates of the SIB Fellowship programme
- Closing date for applications:       1 November 2014
- Shortlist selection announcement:    11 December 2014
- Interviews:                          January 2015
- Start of PhD:                        Between March and September 2015

Further information and application forms for the SIB Fellowship programme are available at

Thank you in advance for your help in spreading this information around.

Patricia Palagi
SIB Fellowship Programme Manager

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