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Postdoc in Biomedical Data Integration and Information Extraction - IPSNP Computing Inc - Canada

IPSNP Computing Inc is seeking a recent PhD graduate (possibly with some post-doc experience) to fill a Postdoctoral Researcher position in biomedical data integration and interoperability. The job is ideal for a person with strong research background in bioinformatics/cheminformatics, wishing to develop a track record in industrial research.

The main duties will be:

* Designing and conducting biomedical data integration and information extraction case studies with IPSNP's Hydra query engine for SADI Web services.

* Research in knowledge representation principles for various biomedical domains and their practical application for biomedical data integration solutions.

* Facilitating joint case studies and pilots with our research partners, including several reputable research organisations, small Biotech companies and a multinational Pharmaceutical company.

* Writing research publications and whitepapers based on Hydra and information extraction-related research in target application areas including Healthcare, Genomics and Environmental Impact Assessment. Examples of IPSNP authored papers can be found here; 

The following qualifications are mandatory:

* PhD and relevant publications in Bioinformatics/Cheminformatics or a strongly related field.

* Relevant training in any of the following; Genomics, Clinical Informatics, Cheminformatics.

* Working knowledge of Java or any other object-oriented programming language.

The following will be considered an advantage:

* Experience with any data integration technologies.

* Experience with text mining.

* Familiarity with core semantic technologies (RDF, OWL, SPARQL).

* Experience with bioinformatics workflow systems.

The contract is initially for one year, but may be extended to two years or converted into a permanent position. The starting salary will be between $50K and $60K CAD per annum, depending on your qualifications.

This job will be located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

The position is open until filled. We encourage international applicants to complete the application process as early as possible due to the length of time required to obtain a Canadian work permit.


Interested applicants are invited to write to Dr. Chris Baker (


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