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Student Vacation Scholarships in Computational (Bio)Informatics and more!

CSIRO's Division of Computational Informatics has over 50 vacation scholarships available this summer including a range of projects with strong bioinformatics, health informatics, imaging and quantitative bioscience components, such as

  • Seeing in new ways ‐ affordable hyper‐spectral photography (with applications in plant science)
  • Finding endangered animals with your phone (developing technology to help locate tagged animals)
  • Advanced Computational Analysis and Visualization of Medical Images
  • Clinical information processing and knowledge extraction from electronic health records
  • Tele and Mobile Health for clinical decision support
  • Medical Ontology for Bronchus Anatomy
  • Brain Waves: Quantifying the difference in cognitive load between "serious games" and games designed for entertainment
  • Elective Surgery Process Simulation
  • When Science is like a Game: an automated approach for deletion mapping in genetics
  • 3D modelling for life sciences
  • Making sense of microbes through analysis of relative abundance
  • A Comparative Analysis of Regression Methods to Predict Molecular Breeding Values from Genome–Wide SNP Markers
  • Distribution and abundance of killer whales in sea ice regions of East Antarctica
  • Feature Selection for Alzheimer's progression prediction using Genetic Algorithm
  • How many neurons to identify a moving cat?
  • Quadruplex formation in human cancer
  • Underwater Fish Counting and Measurement Using Stereo Vision
  • Phenomics tools to analyse 2D and 3D images of plants
  • Automated Key‐Frame Extraction from Video Footage of Fishery Operations.

The scholarships are open to undergraduate students who have completed (by November) at least three years of undergraduate study and who have maintained a credit average or higher. Scholarships are to commence on the 25th of November 2013 and continue for a period of 12 weeks.

Each student will undertake a research project under the supervision of a research scientist or engineer. At the end of the program you will join students from across Australia at a two day conference in Sydney.

How to apply

  • Applications close on September 8, 2013
  • To see a full list of the projects per location please see job number N13/02998 in the Positions Vacant section of


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