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PhD studentship - Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine Laboratory, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

The Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine Laboratory carries out research in the following areas: (i) reconstruction and analysis of inter-cellular gene regulatory network during mammalian organogenesis; (ii) integrative analysis of epigenomic determinants for cell-type-specific signaling response; (iv) chromatin landscape of fungal epigenomcs; and (iv) causal disease mutation identification using whole genome sequencing data. All projects in this laboratory involve analysis of NGS data. The laboratory is also actively involved in a host of exciting collaborations with local and international experimental/clinical collaborators.

The successful student will be eligible for a top-up scholarship stipend of $6,000 p.a. The top ranking candidates will receive an additional top-up of $10,000 p.a. An ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree (with honours) in bioinformatics, medicine, biology, physics, computer science, engineering or a relevant field with demonstrated aptitude and experience in bioinformatics research. Strong programming skills in at least one language (e.g., R, Perl, C++ or Java) are essential. Previous experience in analysis of NGS data is highly desirable.

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