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Senior Bioinformatician, NZ

AgResearch is a Crown Research Institute with the purpose of enhancing the value, productivity and profitability of New Zealand’s agricultural sector. The Bioinformatics team supports the Biological research in a range of areas working for the improvement of pastoral agricultural sector.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with excellent training in Bioinformatics to join our team. This is a permanent position. You will be responsible for providing Bioinformatics consultancy to a range of Science projects involved in the scientific discovery in plants, animals, fungi and microbes and will be responsible for analysing high throughput/high-dimensional ‘Omics data from non-model organisms. This includes the design, development, implementation and testing of bioinformatics pipelines and tools, assembly of NGS and RNA-Seq data, network and pathway analyses. You will also have some experience or interest in integrating multi-faceted Omics data to understand underlying systems and biological networks.

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