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Postdoctoral Research Officer - Brisbane

The Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) is one of Australia's premier biomedical research Institutes and is part of the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

The successful appointee will carry out and supervise computational and bioinformatic research on lateral (horizontal) genetic transfer (LGT), focusing on the use of k-mer approaches to study networks of LGT in the microbial biosphere. Highly competitive external funding has been obtained to investigate the sensitivity and robustness of the topology of inferred LGT networks to how k-mer approaches are parameterized (e.g. k-mer length, merging criteria), using whole-genome and community sequence data from the microbial biosphere. The primary purpose of this position is to drive this research project to a successful outcome.

Applicants should possess a PhD in molecular biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, mathematics, computer science, information technology or a related discipline.

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