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Postdoc Opportunity in Short Linear Motif Discovery, UNSW - Sydney

I have a 10 month computational postdoc position in my molecular evolution/bioinformatics lab available. The research focus of the position is flexible but will be something related to the lab's primary research focus of computational Short Linear Motif (SLiM) discovery. Possible projects include (but are not limited to): molecular mimicry by viral or bacterial pathogens; the role of SLiMs in cancer; interrogating protein-protein interaction networks to predict SLiM function; SLiM prediction database/visualisation development.

Short-listing will begin on 1/12/13 but applications are welcome until the position is filled. To apply, or find out more, please email a copy of your CV and your research interests. The candidate should have good computational skills. Start date is flexible but likely to be around January 2014.

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