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Research Fellow - Department of Pharmaceutics - Monash University

Position Purpose

A Level A research-only academic is expected to contribute towards the research effort of the university and to develop her/his research expertise through the pursuit of defined projects relevant to the particular field of research.

Working under general direction, the position is responsible for conducting NHMRC and NIH funded projects on antimicrobial microbiology led by Professor Jian Li.

  • Reporting line: The position reports to
  • Supervisory responsibilities This position will assist with the supervision of Research Assistants and PhD
  • Financial delegation and / or budget responsibilities: NIL 

Key Result Areas and Responsibility

Specific duties required of a Level A research-only academic may include:

  • the conduct of research under limited supervision either as a member of a team or, where appropriate, independently and contribution to the production of conference and seminar papers and publications from that research;
  • experimental design and operation of advanced laboratory and technical equipment or conduct of advanced research procedures;
  • advice within the field of the staff member's research to postgraduate students;
  • contribution to grant applications;
  • involvement in professional activities including, subject to availability of funds, attendance at conferences and seminars in the field of expertise; and
  • limited administrative functions primarily connected with the area of research of the academic.

A Level A research-only academic shall work with support, guidance and/or direction from staff classified at Level B and above and with an increasing degree of autonomy as the research academic gains in skill and experience.

For further information and selection criteria please contact

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