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Clinical Genomics Data Analysis: A Practical Course, Garvan Institute and Bioplatforms Australia

Date: 12/14/2015
Time: 8:30:00 am
Address: Garvan Institute|Darlinghurst|NSW|-|AU

Workshop Content: Genomics and genome structure; Mutation calling and pathogenicity assignment; Principles and practice in genome filtering; Copy number variation; Quality metrics; Gene and protein modeling for enriched functional data; Consent; An introduction to the special features of cancer genomic data.

Workshop participants will receive time-limited access to education-focused genomic data sets on the Garvan Institute's variant filtration platform for clinical genomics: Seave.

Learning Objectives:
To explore and examine clinical genomic data in depth;
To develop an understanding of processes that underpin clinical genomic data analysis;
To obtain hands on experience in identifying variants and deducing their impact.

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