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Seminar: Competition-induced interactions between distant miRNAs and targets in post-transcriptional regulatory networks

If you are working in mathematical or computational modelling of biological molecular networks, e.g. protein-protein interaction, gene regulatory, cellular signalling, or metabolic networks, then Prof. Ofer Biham's upcoming seminar on the 3rd Nov 2014 11-12pm, will be of interest to you. His presentation involves his recent work on signal propagation in the post-transcriptional regulation network: Interactions between distant ceRNAs in regulatory networks, Nitzan et al. Biophysical Journal (2014) 106:2254-2266.

Professor Ofer Biham is currently a faculty member at the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was trained in statistical physics. He has been applying computational methods to surface physics, interstellar chemistry, and biophysics. In biophysics, his research interest lies in the field of biological networks, focusing on dynamical models of gene regulation networks combining the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels.


University of New South Wales, High Street, Gate 9, Building D26, Level 3, Room 356, Rountree Room. Randwick, New South Wales 2052


Date: 03/11/2014
Time: 11:00:00 am

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