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Seminar: Neurodegeneration: from lab to clinic with systems biology

Understanding neurodegeneration is one of the big life science challenges. It’s attracting massive international investment but the complexity of the brain means there will be no simple answers.

SBI Australia invite you to join an event hosted by the Bio21 Institute with Dr Danny Hatters, Prof Nellie Georgiou-Karistianis and Prof Collin Masters to explore neurodegeneration from a basic, translational, and clinical perspective and to discuss how integration of many different disciplines leads to a systems understanding of the complex and devastating process of neurodegeneration.

Event details: Forum followed by a reception and networking event

Venue: Bio21 Institute, 30 Flemington Road, University of Melbourne

Time & Date: 4:00pm arrival for 4:30pm start on Tuesday 11 June.  Reception from 6:00pm


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