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Jalview workshop, Sydney, April 2013

What is Jalview?

Jalview is a free program for multiple sequence alignment editing, visualisation and analysis. Use it to view and edit sequence alignments, analyse them with phylogenetic trees and principle components analysis (PCA) plots and explore molecular structures and annotation.

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Workshop overview

The Jalview workshop is aimed at people with little or no bioinformatics experience who are investigating the structure and function of proteins and RNA, or bioinformaticians with little or no experience with Jalview who are interested in extending Jalview for their own needs. The course is also useful for teachers and lecturers teaching sequence analysis, since Jalview is well suited for teaching students the basics of sequence analysis, and exploring the evolution of biomolecular structure and function.

The training will be delivered by the coordinator and primary developer Jim Proctor, briefly you will learn how to

  • Create, analyse and annotate alignments for publication
  • Visualize protein and nucleotide annotation and molecular structure
  • Predict secondary structure, disordered regions and functional sites in proteins
  • Set up your own virtual bioinformatics analysis server
  • Add Jalview to your website
  • Extend Jalview for your own needs

Click here to view the program

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What does it cost?

Introduction to Jalview, 11th April, $80

Advanced Jalview, 12th April, $50

What do I need?

Bring your own laptop. System requirements: 64 bit CPU with 2G memory, VMWare player installed, pdf reader, text editor and the ability to connect to the internet by wifi.


Numbers are limited please register here 

Registration closes when participant numbers reach the maximum. You will be advised of successful registration.

For further information contact