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Hadley Wickham on Pipelines for Data Analysis

Dr Wickam as rendered by David KahleA public lecture on Friday 11 July in Canberra

R, the free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, is a vital tool used by researchers and analyists all over the world, in many fields of endeavour.

As an open environment within which statistical techniques are implemented, we benefit not just from the R Development Team, but from the developers of packages and systems that enhance R's power, applicability and ease of use.

Within that firmament, few stars shine more brightly than Dr Hadley Wickham, author of packages including

Hadley is currently Chief Scientist at RStudio, where his job is " make good data analysis easier, faster, and more enjoyable and R more awesome through a combination of research, programming and teaching."

CSIRO and the Australian Bioinformatics Network are delighted to announce that, thanks to the efforts and coordination of Dr Alex Whan, Hadley Wickham will soon be in Canberra to present the following public lecture:

Pipelines for Data Analysis - Dr Hadley Wickham

Over the last year and half, three things have had a profound impact on how I develop tools for data analysis: Rcpp, writing the advanced R book and the pipe operator (%>%, from magrittr). In this talk, I'll focus on the pipe operator and how it's influenced the development of tidyr, dplyr and ggvis, the next generation of reshape2, plyr and ggplot2.

Come along to learn about why I think pipelines are awesome and see how pipelines + tidyr, dplyr, and ggvis can make your data analysis fast, fluent and fun.


5.30pm for refreshments with a 6pm start on Friday 11 July


CSIRO Discovery Theatre, Canberra


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