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Click for program and abstractsEcogenomics:
from Data to Knowledge

13-14 February 2014, CSIRO Discovery Centre Canberra

A symposium in conjunction with Professor Jim Tiedje’s McMaster Fellowship, with participation from the European Bioinformatics Institute and support from CSIRO and the Australian Bioinformatics Network

In case you missed this meeting...

...we are pleased to be able to share slides from some of the excellent presentations that were delivered.


Over the last decade, our ability to acquire data about microbes, microbial communities and their environments has grown way faster than our ability to analyse and make sense of that data.

  • Dr Jim Tiedje—University Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, and of Crop and Soil Sciences, and is Director of the Center for Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University—is a world leader in ecogenomics and very familiar with the challenge of converting data into knowledge.
  • We are seizing the opportunity afforded by Jim’s McMaster Visiting Fellowship in 2014 to convene a symposium on this topic.
  • We are delighted that researchers and trainers from the European Bioinformatics Institute will be in Australia and participating in the meeting.
  • Finally, we are grateful that the second (open) day of this event will be run with support from the Australian Bioinformatics Network.

What is ecogenomics?

Hear what the experts have to say on this:


Our hope is that this meeting will
  • develop and strengthen connections between people, resources and opportunities relevant to the informatics aspects of ecogenomics
  • bring together researchers from across the spectrum of disciplines needed to gain insight from ecogenomics data
  • increase the level of understanding across disciplinary boundaries about
    • the scientific context, research question and objectives of different kinds of ecogenomic studies
    • the informatics and analysis strategies within these studies
    • where current challenges and opportunities lie in turning ecogenomics data into knowledge

Confirmed Speakers

We are delighted to confirm the following speakers on Day 2 of the symposium:

along with participation from

who are in Australia to participate in the Bioplatforms Australia, CSIRO and EMBL Introduction to Metagenomics Courses in Sydney and Melbourne.


The program is being finalised, and presentation slots are still available. Please let us know if you would like to speak via the registration form below. We are especially keen to have presentations that will encourage discussion: work in progress, concepts, challenges are all in scope.


Thanks to support from CSIRO Transformational Biology and the Australian Bioinformatics Network, this event is free.

In closing

We will update this site as more details are confirmed, and look forward to seeing you in Canberra.

Gupta Vadakattu and David Lovell

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