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Bioinformatics FOAM 2013 Program

(As at 4 March 2013)

Thursday 21 March

14:30   Afternoon Tea
14:45 David Lovell Welcome
14:50 Graham Cameron, BRAEMBL Introducing Bioinformatics Resource Australia EMBL (BRAEMBL)
15:30 Roy Storey, Plant anf Food, NZ
Ensembl for non-model organisms
15:50 Bruno Gaeta, UNSW Characterising the human immunoglobulin heavy chain locus by ultra-­‐deep sequencing of rearranged immunoglobulin genes
16:15 CSS conference close  
19:00 Bioinformatics Dinner Dinner speaker: Graham Cameron on "The Genesis of EBI"

Friday 22 March

9:00 Joint session with Visualisation in Science workshop
9:00 Ajay Limaye, ANU Tools for Effective Volume Exploration
9:30 Felice Frankel, MIT
Communicating Science Visually (Live streaming of keynote from VIZBI conference Boston)
10:30   Morning Tea

Cecilia Deng, Plant & Food Research, New Zealand

Integration of WGS, RNA-Seq, and comparative genomics reveals the candidate effector repertoire of closely related Venturia pathogens of the Maloideae


Mani Grover, Deakin

Association of detailed drug data with predicted candidate genes in Gentrepid
11:40 Melissa Davis, UQ Rewiring the dynamic interactome: alternative splicing alters protein interactions across human tissues
12:00 Paul Berkman, CSIRO GAME: modelling a genes-eye view of evolution
12:15 Vidana Epa, CSIRO Structural modelling of a designed ankyrin repeat protein with human EGFR2
12:30   Lunch

Andrew Lonie, LSCC

Progress on the genomics virtual laboratory



Ross Lazarus, Baker IDI

Tamsyn Crowley, CSIRO

Transmuting dark script matter into reproducible tools

Bioinformatics challenges in milking pigeons

14:30 Nathan Hall, VLSCI Bridging the gap between computer scientists and biologists
15:00   Afternoon Tea
15:30 Lauren Bragg, CSIRO Shining a light on dark sequencing: Characterising errors in Ion Torrent PGM data
15:50 Ken Doig, Peter MacCallum Institute PipeCleaner: Sanitation for your NGS pipeline 
16:10 Tony Papenfuss, WEHI Making sense of tumours in man, mouse and devils
16:30 David Lovell, ABN
Australian Bioinformatics Network, update to members
17:00 Workshop Close