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ABACBS (pron.ˈabəkəs) runs the Australian Bioinformatics Network

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Towards an Australian Bioinformatics Society

This page aims to communicate discussions about and progress towards the (re)formation of an Australian Bioinformatics Society.

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We've got the name. We've got the aim. We've got the purpose.

...and as of 4 September 2014 we have a Caretaker Committee to bring ABACBS into existence.

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For details on all the above, please see these meeting minutes.

The story so far...

In April 2013 a discussion paper "On conferences and professional societies for Australian Bioinformatics" was put to the EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Advisory Committee and ABN members for consideration.

The resulting discussions across the ABN and the Australian Bioinformatics community more broadly through teleconferences and discussions on Yammer have indicated a high level of support for the formation of a professional society representing Australian bioinformaticians and computational biologists.

Following two teleconferences with 45 participants, a smaller committee has been formed to investigate options for the formation of a society. It is intended that this committee will come up with a proposal for the structure and organisation of a nationally-based professional society for bioinformaticians and computational biologists.

This page will be updated with progress towards the formation of an Australian bioinformatics society, and will provide access to the minutes of committee meetings and the documents generated by the committee.

Key documents and discussions

ABACBS (pron ˈabəkəs)

Finding the right name for a society is no easy feat. We explored possibilities based on the requirements that the name or acronym

  • Included the words "Australian", "bioinformatics", "computational biology", and "society"
  • Could be easily found by search engines
  • Was pronounceable

ABACBS (with one silent "B"... subtle, huh?) ticked all three boxes, standing for the Australian Bioinformatics And Computational Biology Society and suggesting the logo...

A possible logo for ABACBS...or, for those who like to be fully connected...

...something for those who are neither square, nor cross....there is always timeless design elegance to fall back on.

Keen to get involved?

If you would like to be part of the discussions currently underway, please